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Hana Naiʻa Sweet Heart Chakra Oil
Sweet Heart Chakra and Massage Oil is a blend of Pink Lotus, Rose Otto, White Lavender, and Sweet Orange that tenderly opens the emotional knots of th ...
Sweet Heart Chakra Oil
Hana Naiʻa Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
Produced on the beautiful slopes of Mauna Loa by the Lee family at Háloa Áina on the Big Island of Hawaii, this Sandalwood oil is unique. ...
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
Blue Yarrow
‘Iliahi’s Dream Scentsory Voyage Collection
Muscle Magic
Hana Naiʻa Pueos Flight
Transport yourself into the depth the forest on the wings of the Hawaiian Pueo. Wise in itʻs ability to navigate spiritual and physical realms, you ar ...
Pueos Flight
Hana Naiʻa Polynesian Voyage
Take an aromatic journey through the islands of Polynesia with this seductive and joyful blend of Sandalwood and Red Mandarin from Hawaiʻi wxaith Tahi ...
Polynesian Voyage
Hana Naiʻa Meditation
Rich, soothing, calming, and relaxing, This blend of oils have been used in sacred purification ceremonies for ages as they work together to balance a ...
Hana Naiʻa Jewel in the Lotus
A mental stimulant and ritual oil that deepens breathing and helps with prayer and meditation, Jewel in the Lotus is also refreshing as this blend rel ...
Jewel in the Lotus
Hana Naiʻa Hokulani
Awaken to the “Intelligence of your heart” and assimilate the knowledge you receive. ...
Hana Naiʻa Hawaiian Coffeeberry
Hawaiian Coffeeberry® grows in the nutrient dense volcanic soil of Kona Hawai'i. It is truly natureʻs superfood, protecting the precious bean inside. ...
Hawaiian Coffeeberry
Hana Naiʻa Green Tea Coffeeberry
The ultimate every day lotion. We combine Green Tea ground from the finest single-variety Japanese sencha green tea leaves organically grown in the fa ...
Green Tea Coffeeberry
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